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E-learning term stands for Electronic Learning. Electronic Learning or E-learning is not a simple business. This term comprises a complicated chain of processes and a lot of work.

To produce an E-learning module, you want firstly to understand your audience, creating an E-learning module for children is different from creating a one for adults. Understanding how people learn  is a crucial part in creating the E-learning module. There are many courses for that part can be found online.

There are many types of E-learning courses, you can find an instructor stands in front of you, slides with Narration/Voice Over, screen recording with Voice Over, etc... .

Many professional companies prefer to hire a professional voice over artists for their E-learning modules instead of doing it themselves, this is because that E-learning modules have to be professional, clear, attractive, and entertaining not just a boring voice speak behind the scenes.

The Professional E-learning Voice Over artist is one who can provide an educational voice, during all the course parts, in an entertaining and professional manner, they know how the information can be delivered, and what is the suitable tone of delivery.

E-Learning Production starts from preparing the educational materials, then converting it to suitable readable content to be narrated and recorded, preparing the related media content, and merging all these items into one body. This simple paragraph is just a glance of how E-learning modules be prepared, but this small paragraph comprises many and many processes and hard working.

We provide Voice Over services for E-learning Contents, we can handle the whole E-learning projects localization from A to Z, from translation to Voice Over, in the the following languages:

Arabic - English - Chinese - Japaneses - Dutch - Polish - Spanish - Brazilian -  Swedish - Italian - German - French - Portuguese - Turkish - Ukrainian & Russian - Korean, and other.

If you have an English E-learning modules/courses, and want to be recorded in Arabic to be localized, you can find our service for that.

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